Welcome! My name is Cheryl Anne Ruebner and I am honored to share my work with you. In the “regular world” am a writer, performer, and a young astrologer. My latest large-scale project is the short film Setting Solstice, that I wrote and fire-danced in, sponsored by Athens Uncharted on the Winter Solstice 2014.

I am also blessed to have had my poem “On the Precipice of Memory” published in the 10th goldleaf Anniversary edition of the UK publication Amelia’s Magazine,“That Which We Do Not Understand.” Beginning to speak my poems in public helped me a lot with beginning to come out of my shell. Here is a video taken during a recital I gave back in 2013. Things have changed a lot since then.

I am also a longtime amateur musician and experienced professional animal caretaker. Before that, I studied Humanities, English, and Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition in University. I have in past and present worked with and for various yoga schools/ashram, and spent some time on the other side stinting as a Pro Domme.

I share my life with a beautiful Brittany-Ridgeback girl who I was gifted at 4 weeks old in the Green Mountain Forest, June 2016.

The past 5 years or so I have seen more travel and upheaval in my life than I could have predicted (Uranus transiting my Midheaven and Moon back to back will do that…and now Pluto is working on me, so I’m just allowing the transformations to happen). I had always known that I was seeking a spiritual path, and the Universe threw me in up to my eyeballs. I was not prepared, but I think I’m doing alright.

Long story short, I was called to the Rainbow Regional of Colorado in 2015 and it was there that I really started learning about the Rainbow Prophecies, and about myself. It was miles deep into the woods where I faced unspeakable truths about life and death. I learned that my journey had just begun.

I’m always changing, and the world is always changing around me. That is one fundamental truth that Astrology is teaching me.

These times are so precarious. We face and deal with so much – possibly even the extinction of our life here. I am prepared to do whatever is in my power to heal the damage we have done. This will not take place with technology, but with prayer. We cannot foresee what is to come, but I have had flashes, and some dreams.

Yet, in many ways, for now, it is still “business as usual.” A spiritual life does not exempt one from the human condition.

I strive to grow and share and present my truth in the most loving and beneficial of ways.

When it comes down to it, it’s all just me doing my best to translate what is in my heart, that has no words.

I hope to, this year, be able to publish some more long-form writing projects, including a poetry collection of my past work. We shall see what develops. I welcome change, but the best changes are surprises and revelations.

It’s my goal to be of service to the best of my capacity while I live a human’s life.

I offer my heart’s work as a gift. It is my wish that through sharing my experiences, thoughts, and views, that I can answer the calls of others. I know what it is like to call out to afar. I am only just like you, and yet, I know the value of what can be transmitted through writing. I do this for me, and I do it for you. Otherwise I’d just keep it inside.

Thank you for taking the time to read and watch.