Welcome! My name is Cheryl Anne Ruebner. I am honored to share my works, writing, and ideas with you. This site is sort of a catch-all of some of my writing in the fields of healing, astrology, and spiritual-environmental concerns. I am also an animal care professional and have done extensive domestic (and some international) travel.

My most recent large project is the short film Setting Solstice, that I wrote and fire-danced in, sponsored by Athens Uncharted on the Winter Solstice 2014.

I am also blessed to have had my poem “On the Precipice of Memory” published in the 10th goldleaf Anniversary edition of the UK publication Amelia’s Magazine,“That Which We Do Not Understand.” It is a beautiful volume and although there are no more available, Amelia’s other projects are just as beautiful and worth checking out.

Thank you for taking the time to read, view, watch, and listen. I welcome all inquiries of a loving or seeking nature and I will do my best to respond with the most benefit.