Astrologer’s Tour of the Maine Solar System Model: #3, Mercury

Welcome back to the Astrologer’s Tour of the Maine Solar System Model! Today, in honor of the Mercury Cazimi happening right now, I initiate you all into this super-fun tour! We have just come from the Sun.

You can read my travelogue introduction to this experience here.

Mercury comes up quick! It is .4 miles from the Sun location. You can easily walk it (and actually, a walking tour of the inner planets would only be 3 miles round trip). You find the statue in front of a business called Burelle’s, which, of course, is a media services company. How Mercurial, indeed!

Mercury of Maine Solar System Model

Mercury is also very easy to find. A few of the other inner planets took me a few passes by before I found them. Mercury is right out there. How else is he going to deliver his messages on such short notice? But if you can’t find it, Google Maps has its exact location here.



Mercury of the Maine Solar System Model
Mercury of the Maine Solar System Model

Sorry the image is sideways… there’s a glitch in the system!

The official University of Presque Isle Maine Solar System Model Mercury page shares with us the following information about the model:

Diameter: 2.1 inches (5.3 cm).
Location: Burrelle’s Garden (0.4 mi. or 0.64 km from Sun)
Painted by: Jeanie McGowan, Curator of Collections at the Northern Maine Museum of Science and student at the University of Maine at Presque Isle
Posts constructed by: Northern Maine Technical College, Sonny Michaud and students
Base constructed by David Tardie and his students, Loring Job Corps, Cement Mason Program

Yes, the MSSM was constructed by local students!

Next up: Venus!