Mars advances on Uranus, Astrology Forecast through Feb 14, 2019

Mars-Uranus conjunction Feb 13 2019 chart wheel
Mars-Uranus conjunction Feb 13 2019 chart wheel

Maybe it’s because, aside from Sun, Mars dominates my chart, but I’ve noticed I seem to be more sensitive to Mars stuff. I read/listen/watch a fair bit of other astrologers on different platforms and it seems that the God of War coming up on Prometheus this week hasn’t really reached headlines much. On the other hand, Venus in Capricorn has been getting a lot of attention. Honestly, for a few reasons, I don’t see the latter as being even nearly as important as the former.

First of all. Venus travels around the zodiac about once a year, and Mars, every other year. Venus happenings are therefore about twice as common as Mars happenings.

Second, to continue off of that idea, conjunctions are generally more important in reading current transits than inner planet ingresses. They just move too fast and change signs too often for the transitions to be of much note (unless it is a transition into dignity or detriment, and of course in this case, Mars has dignity where he is, but Venus is peregrine). Why is this? Well, there are many points to be made here, but let’s stick with two: a conjunction applies regardless of which zodiac we’re using (and if it consists of visible bodies, this means anyone can go outside and literally see it with their own eyes, which cannot be done with an ingress, especially in tropical and other mathematical, not literal, zodiacs). Also, and maybe more obviously, when the energies of two planets combine, we get an experience that is “more than the sum of its parts.” Two are better than one, they say.

Third: anything that happens at the 29th or “anaretic” degree is extremely significant. There is a lot to be said about this degree, but suffice to say that it is like the grand finale of the sign, like right before the peak and then dip of a roller coaster, or it is like the end of the life of the archetype of the sign, where all of the energy of the whole rest of the sign is shown. It’s that sign, added up and amplified, all in one degree.

Yeah, obviously I am pretty amped up about this conjunction. How Martian of me. Well, excitement is better than the more negative effects that I have been feeling. For the first time ever in my life, I have been sleeping with clenched fists. And I actually got into a physical fight with a stranger this past weekend! That has never happened to me in my life. ever. Of course, this event is hitting my chart in a really buckwild way. My natal Hades Moon is at 29° Aries, and Uranus has been “shaking things up” for me for about a year now there, due to the Rx (well, it’s longer than that because of my 20° Aries MC, so this is really an extended “shaken not stirred” transit experience for me, but let’s stick with what’s now, eh?). I’ve been living with Uranus at this point for quite a while now (and so have you, although you probably don’t have your Moon there. If you do, by Gawd, send me a message, bestie!). It’s been, well, kind of textbook, with the emotional instability and the many correspondences specific to my chart. I’ve even, in a way, gotten kind of used to it, and the insanity has become almost normal. So until this past week, I was almost challenging Uranus in my thoughts:

“That’s all you got? This is the final chapter of your prescription for me?”

“I’m relaxin’ over here, so bored and actually depressed! I thought you were going to change things up for me! And I’m right where I was in the beginning! What a joke, Uranus…”

I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

I had overlooked Ares himself coming to the “aid” of the ol-shake-n-baker.

Yeah, I’m being dramatic. It’s a Leo thing.

And yes, like all things, awareness and a perspective shift does wonders. Why do you think I’m writing about this? It ain’t for my health (actually, it TOTALLY IS).

This transit has great potential for great change. What Uranus may not be able to do alone, Mars says “hey fucker, this is gonna happen, because I have the sword/iron bar/erect penis/rage/totally relentless persistence, thanks for hangin out, let’s do this FUCK YEAH!!!!”

For us on the ground it’s sort of like adding one of those hot sauces with the cheap homemade labels that you think can’t be that bad but when you take the tiniest “tongue taste” you start to cry, to your martini, or something… god, my analogies are really bombing today. Sorry y’all.

The point is, what was unpredictable before, is now really unpredictable and explosive. Good or bad? Depends.

Have you ever tended a fire during the day? Or have you witnessed a fire out of control, in general? Did you notice how the fire was somehow REALLY HOT FIRE and did you notice how you couldn’t really see where the flames were actually going? How the Sun’s energy made the flames that much more dangerous? How the heat from the fire seemed to extend so much farther beyond its normal boundary, and how your normal sense of this boundary was no longer available?

Or maybe TNT is a better example. Yeah, dynamite. That stuff that when you smuggle it, you have to wear pillows because if you touch it the wrong way it’ll explode on you. You don’t even need a match. Just a strong wind.

This conjunction is like that. This is a LOT of energy. And it has to go somewhere. There is great potential here. Yet it may also cause problems. It totally depends on your awareness of the energy, how you use it and if you allow it to flow rather than consume you. Pay attention to where this is in your chart. Wherever that is, Uranus has been there for a while. This is like the last bit of the game in the tournament where the players are REALLY amped up, it’s their last chance, emotions are super high, shit can turn on a dime, and both teams are planning on using their secret  “knock’m dead” play.

You may find yourself feel unusually passionate, sexy, or just straight up angry (see: frothing with rage and screaming in broad daylight at someone you’ve never met before while your two respective dogs are chilling out wondering what the ruck is going on).

You may have unusual amounts of energy. Perhaps you are staying up till the wee hours working on some project. Maybe you’re having breakthroughs and breakdowns. Uranus can cause that by itself. Adding Mars to the mix, well, I am reminded of a bodybuilding supplement that one of my family members has, called “TOTAL WAR.” Yes, that’s the actual name of a drink mix.

Weird shit can happen here. Things may break, or fall. In fact, both happened today here at La Casa. Two of the animals got into a spat, resulting in a lamp (light bulb and electricity = Uranus) falling and breaking (Mars) on the floor. Yet, the light remained intact. All that shattered was the base. We get to keep our “ideas” but the form that we thought they would take may not carry over. Stuff we didn’t even realize had to change will just crash. And then there was my Mom trying to put food in the fridge, and items just kept falling out of it onto the floor, causing all sorts of grocery sorting chaos. It was like the yogurts and tupperware had minds of their own.

Shit may fly.

Or you may fly through some shit.

I recommend, if you’ve been having trouble the past few days, do whatever you can to mitigate any more potential harm. This is a volatile conjunction at a critical degree. Even if you are cool as a cucumber on an ice tray, someone else may blow their top. Beware.

And yet be prepared for a real BOOST to change that you have been gearing up for, because this may be the literal fire being lit under your ass (literally… and that Thai Spicy Duck I had last night is quacking in agreement).

Just be careful you’re not farting when the flame arrives… or, hold that fart in until just the right moment. Whatever fuels your rocket, baby.


The exact conjunction is at about 6:15 AM UTC/1:15 AM EST, Feb 13 2019.


Then, Mars moves into Taurus the next day, St. Valentine’s Day, at about 12:00 noon UTC/6:00 am EST. So, if you have Valentine’s Day plans either with a partner (or yourself), my recommendation is not to use the energy of the preceding few days to prepare for your activities. You may expect fireworks and the raunchiest sex ever but end up just cuddling and eating takeout while watching a weird movie last minute.

Is this conjunction hitting any sensitive points in your chart? How has Uranus sitting there for a while been? Have you been feeling anything different there the past few days? I’d love to hear about your experiences.