The Lord of the Trees

The Thuja occidentalis in my homeopathic kit was calling to me, and I decided to look it up, and take a very potent dose, because that is how I roll. I had bought it for my dog’s vaccines a while back, but knew nothing about it otherwise. I was so pleased to find this amazing writeup, satisfying my research early. Gaps in my knowledge about Dionysus that I did not know that I have had for years were filled in. I learned about how this Cedar is the Lord of the Trees, and how it is a panacea for all sorts of deep, even prenatal ailments. I… u… what? WOW!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This page intentionally left short, to redirect you! And me! At least to focus on a worthy goal during this episode of Being Dismembered by Dragons (Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse today. Brutal.) gives a much more likely chance of going through the right portal. Medicate, surrender, slip through.