Astrological Readings

I offer astrological services for clients that are seeking insight about their natal imprint, or current or future events or conditions.

At this time long-form readings are given in written form. This allows for me to fully assess your charts at my own pace, and for me to craft the most clear communication possible for you. I am a writer by trade, and for now, I feel as though I can deliver the highest quality service and product to you in this way. I take providing an accurate and helpful reading very seriously and want to provide you with a document that you can read again and again with as much speed or slow focus as you like. I will also craft the document in such a way that I will offer the technical terms AND my interpretation of them, so you can begin the journey of astrological research on your own (be careful, it’s addicting). It is more my style to provide a rich, dense reading that you can re-read, then to perform a live reading during which I may have to sacrifice depth or elaboration, that chances are even with a recording you won’t listen to more than a couple times anyway. Reference is my preference.

Also, I know that even if you are well-versed in astrological lingo, a live reading can go “in one ear and out the other” and it can be hard to remember what I said. I am going to throw a lot of information at you and even if you’re prepared, it can be overwhelming. Written word allows us both to work at a pace and in a space comfortable to us.

What are you seeking from a Reading?

Some examples are,

~”I am going through a rough time lately, or since I was born, in a certain area of my life. Can you help me understand why, and help me identify ways of coping?”

~”I have an important event coming up. Can you advise me when would be best to schedule it?” or “I have an important event coming up that I can’t reschedule. What can I expect in terms of conditions, and do you have any tactical advice for handling what may come?”

Of course, there’s the standard “Career” or “Love life” or Money” categories. This is OK too, but the more detail you can give me about your situation and what you want to gain, the more I can help you.

Regardless of your question, I will also provide you with a comprehensive general reading as well, that takes into account relevant and notable conditions in your chart.

Short Primer for New Clients

The more specific the question, the more precision I can have with providing an answer. I won’t do “cold readings,” as in, “what do you see in my chart?” This is problematic because I can see pretty much anything. The sky is the limit. So at best, it could result in a reading that is too broad and doesn’t address your concerns. At worst, an approach like this can open a huge can of worms where I may see something in your chart that you don’t want to discuss, such as a troubled childhood, or other issues. It’s not my job to trigger you. But please know that even if you do NOT want to discuss certain things in your life, I will at least be able to see the general energies around them, and they may be connected to the topic you are asking about. Without sounding facetious, I’m just the messenger. I can provide you with a wealth of information and knowledge, and I may even include some practical and compassionate astrologically-based advice (never my own personal judgments), but only you can be willing to work through your own life….

Astrology is a Sacred Oracle and is best to always be approached with respect and with an intent to heal and grow – from the client side AND practitioner side. On the other side of that note, though, if you are approaching the Oracle for insight into healing or developing awareness of issues you are already exploring, then I am more than happy to help you. Sometimes knowing that you have a certain natal or transit condition can validate and relieve years of pain of thinking that something is inherently wrong with you. Not true! We all have the potential for great suffering and great joy. Astrology, in my opinion, is a tool for self-discovery, and it can definitely be a rabbit hole. My goal is to practice with great compassion but also great honesty.

I myself have been told by multiple teachers and elders in this field that my very own chart is notably difficult. Just to illustrate a little bit: my natal 4th Whole Sign House is Scorpio, and sitting right there in that house, the bottom of a Grand Cross, is Pluto (opposite my natal anaretic Aries moon), my South Node, Vesta, and Saturn. Saturn is partile square to my Mercury that is already debilitated by being Combust and Rx. In layman’s terms, the 3 major Malefics, AND the South Node that is also considered Malefic, rule or live in in my 4th house of Family Roots. I’ve been through some shit. I have lived through some very painful experiences, including family and spousal abuse and violence (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual: the whole 18 yards), suicide attempts and extreme self-injury, actual suicide of loved ones, and extended homelessness while living out of my vehicle. I’m still alive, and more then ever, I want to help others who are grasping for aid.

Yes, experience is the best teacher, and if I can make it through (and still working on it every day), so can you. I do not believe that a person has to be “perfect” before they can advance. Winston Churchill said, “If you are going through Hell, keep going.” If you are having a hard time in life, I will do my absolute best to hold space for your pain and provide illumination and information without judging you, or taking away your personal power. My goal is to empower you in a space without fear or shame. Yet, boundaries are important, as is communication. Please guide me with your needs and sensitivities, if there are any, and if you feel the need to do so. I am very aware and sensitive to issues having to do with abuse, recovery, “mental illness,” kink, LGBTQ, disability, race, religion, and sex, and also that these things don’t define you as a whole person. I welcome all people who desire to heal and learn. I’m all about self-love and shadow work. I’m here to be your translator and guide.

How I conduct a Reading:

I look at many factors for a reading, including but not limited to:

*Your natal chart (map of the celestial sphere at your time and place of birth)

*Your transits (how the planets right now, or the time or time-period in question, relate to your natal arrangement)

*Your progressions (which shows slow development over the years)

*Your time-lord (I use a Hellenistic technique that identifies which planet has precedence in a particular year)

I read for all of the classical and modern planets, the angles, the True Node, Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, and the fixed stars, and sometimes other asteroids and points if relevant and significant in your chart. I also check astronomical factors such as declination and latitude and speed.

I generally use Whole Sign houses but will often cross-reference in other house systems if applicable.

“Extras” with a Reading

After you receive your written reading, I am more than happy to clarify anything that is unclear, without switching focus of the original question. We can do this fine-tuning through writing, phone, or video chat. Please be respectful with this offering. New questions or deeper diving would require a Check-In booking.

Value and Cost of a Reading

I desire to be fully transparent in my provisions to you! Please know that I have been reading Oracle professionally since 2014, when I began offering Tarot, which I have performed at Psychic events, and also on the street off of a blanket. My Professional Education in Astrology began in 2016 and I am new to the professional public arena. I am confident that my work speaks for itself, but there is always a chance that due to your specific circumstances I may feel the need to refer-out. If this happens I will explain why I cannot take your case, provide you with the name of a specialist Astrologer or two that I would recommend instead, and refund your fee. However, if you have sought me out I know that there is a very important reason for that, and I take it as a great compliment and opportunity. If need be, I will conduct specialized research for your case with no extra cost to you.

To “keep it simple” I offer only 2 levels of service for now: Full Reading and Check-In. New clients must order a Full Reading first. The reason for this is that unless I allow myself to develop a comprehensive assessment of your chart first, even a simple question, if I were to give a fair answer, would lead to me doing a full reading in my mind anyway, because everything in your chart is connected.

A Full Reading is $144 USD

A Check-In is $108 USD

Clients who are having financial struggles, I totally understand and wish to make my services accessible to you. Please reach out and tell me what your story is, and what you do have to offer, monetary or otherwise, and I will do MY BEST to accommodate you.


In addition to intensive and eclectic self-study and practice, I have completed five 9-week courses in the International Academy of Astrology‘s Natal Studies program:

NAT-1 Foundations
NAT-2 The Planets
NAT-3 Deepening Planetary Delineations
NAT-4 Aspects
NAT-5 Astronomy and Other Bodies

You can read my self-published writings within the field of astrology on my blog, as well. In fact, I would recommend that you explore my writing at least a little bit before booking with me…it’s not necessary but it will give you a clearer sense of how I work, which will make our work together more productive.

How to book a Reading

It’s easy. You can use the form below, or manually PayPal the cost of the reading to me at Then, send me an email to let me know you have done this, with a simple introduction, your birth date, time, and place (to the minute, if possible. if not exact, please let me know, as I will have to use different methods). I’ll get back to you and we’ll talk if necessary. Then, I’ll take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks (I will let you know the timeline when we talk) to complete your reading, and send it to you in PDF format via email.

Thank you, and be well.