Firecraft & Fire Dance Performance

I offer stage, screen, street, fair, and ritual fire choreography and performance as Ember Fox Fire Arts. I first began practicing firecraft, fire dance, and fire performance in 2010, when I began receiving training from Wildfire Retreat. I attended this training retreat 6 times from 2010-2014, where I learned safe handling and use of the props and volatile fuels used in firecraft. I approach every performance with full intention and preparation. What I do is not just entertainment; I take it very seriously and will work with you to provide you and your audience a deeply moving, inspiring, and profound experience.

My past performances include:

2013 Long Island Flow Arts, Holtsville NY (flameless)
2014 Velvet Lounge, Setauket NY
2014 Psychic Fair, Long Island NY
2014 Marietta Art Walk, Marietta GA
2014 Art Ashram, Atlanta GA

Film Performances
2014 Setting Solstice, Athens GA

My film Setting Solstice was produced by Athens Uncharted. You can view it for free on Vimeo.

Please send me an email at to discuss your ideas for public or private events or film in Georgia, or elsewhere, with accommodations.


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