Herkimer Diamonds

In Spring of 2019 I initiated myself as a Miner/Prospector, when I began rockhounding in the Mohawk Valley for Herkimer Diamonds.


Mining is fun, but dangerous. It’s not for the faint of heart. Add a dog attached to your belt, and it becomes treacherous. It’s hot and rough. But I can’t remember many other circumstances where I have felt as empowered and at peace. And, the rewards are so, so worth it.

My golly, look at that! Naturally faceted by the Earth. There is no gem like it anywhere. They are more brilliant than the Diamond, and require NO lapidary. The uses are endless, from healing via laying on of stones or carrying, to dream work, to meditation.  I don’t have to tell anyone how valuable they are. They speak for themselves, and you can find an endless list of others speaking for them, anyway.

I offer the products of my hard labor for trade and sale. Please peruse what I have available, and contact me with inquiries.


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