Art Modeling & Living Statue

I offer professional figure model services for painters, sculptors, and other visual artists, as well as Living Statue performance.

I have performed Living Statue as a street performer, specifically as Blue Girl Magic in Chicago, IL and Boulder, CO in 2015.

As a model, I have contracted with two universities (University of Georgia, and Stony Brook University), and multiple private galleries for group classes. I have received great praise by artists, from “you’re the best model we’ve ever had; so still!” to “you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen; just striking.” Judge for yourself.

Still-modeling is a craft that I fell into after years of yoga asana training, prop dance, and introduction to butoh dance. In my own experience I consider it a healing modality that allows me to meditate, exercise, and also slowly melt away tension and pain, that allows you, the artist, to capture a human figure for your creation.

I am available for sessions in the Long Island and New York, USA area. Please email me at for more information and rates.