Pack Pet-Sitting


If you are in need of a pack-oriented Pet Sitting, I have been servicing clients nationwide as a traveling Pet-Sitter and Canine Care Specialist since 2011, and am certified in Pet CPR and First Aid by Tom Rinelli of Paws N Claws 911. Since adopting my own dog, a now 2.5-year-old Brittany Ridgeback mix, Beatrice, we work together on the job. This means that your pets will receive not only professional, dependable, experienced surrogate care, but a new canine friend while you are away.


Ideally, I’ll arrive at your property before you depart, which will put your dog(s) and other animals at ease that I and my dog are trusted and welcome members of your pack. Beatrice jumps right into play with your dog, and when you leave, your animals are engaged in dynamic with their new friend, and between her presence and mine, are much less confused and traumatized when you leave for your trip.


Before I started my own business, I gained experience working as a Cat Caretaker performing Veterinary Assistant-type duties at a local no-kill shelter. Before that, I was a member of my University’s feral cat rescue organization, and have raised litters of kittens from birth. I gained training and experience in Groomery at a brick & mortar shop, where I worked as a Bather for 9 months while receiving training as a Groomer, which I then successfully put into practice at that same shop. I have performed full-service grooming on dogs of many breeds. I have also worked in Dog Day Care, and volunteered as a dog-walker at a local shelter. Domestic animals have always been a huge part of my life and I am proud to be able to offer my experience and service to you.


I have been an on-the-scene first responder for both wild and domestic care rescue. I put together a video about of the Possums I saved in Texas a few years ago that you can view on Youtube here.

Then, in the winter of 2017, we by chance on an exercise run, witnessed a hit-and-run collision on a local dog that had gotten out of its yard. We ran blocks in the neighborhood until we found the dog, who had retreated into a neighbor’s backyard, presumably to die. Its leg had been blown off, and was hanging by mere tissue. With speed and precision that can only come from adrenaline, we ran back to my home, got in the car, went back to the hurt dog to envelop it in blankets, and brought it to the nearest 24-hour vet, where it was IDed by chip and the owners were contacted.


Beatrice is a very friendly “flexible alpha” that will submit to dogs who obviously top her. She absolutely loves to play, and will keep your dogs busy with chase, and just hanging out.

I adopted Beatrice in June of 2016. I rescued her at 4 weeks old from a family that was giving her away at the Annual Rainbow Gathering in the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont. She was socialized immediately at this gathering of thousands of people, and in the months of travel that followed. Right off the bat, she was sitting with people as a Healer Dog. Her first few weeks with me were spent in the woods, and then she joined me during my travels. She was interacting with teen-aged Pit Bulls at 7 or 8 weeks, and at the dog parks is a prancing catch-me-if-you-can girly girl that loves to destroy basketballs. She has never destroyed any normal household items, though (besides a hotel bath-stopper and a friend’s exercise ball… they looked and smelled just like toys, Mom!). She is ISO microchipped and Rabies, Bortadella, Parvo, and Distemper vaccinated. She has ran with half-wolf packs in the Hills of the Dakotas, and lived peacefully with a 5-pound Chihuahua. She hates having her nails done, though.

Beatrice has a travel crate that comes with me on all overnight jobs so that if necessary, the dogs can be isolated from each other at night or in my absence, or just to take a break.


I am comfortable with working with special needs. In addition to my Pet CPR and First Aid certification, I can administer non-IV injected medication (as in some diabetic animals that require shots, etc), and subcutaneous fluids. I even once had a canine client who was so old and feeble he could barely move, all 50+ pounds of him. I stripped down and showered with him for his grooming. I have no problems doing whatever it takes.

My ability to administer fluids came to be when Beatrice became very ill while I was almost 2000 miles away from my home base, around her 1-year birthday in 2017. She saw 5 different vet hospitals in Colorado, and no-one could diagnose her or provide any cures. I was left with no choice but to begin “comfort care.” I was able to acquire subcutaneous fluids from a veterinary supply, and had her hooked up to them in my vehicle and in the motel rooms we stayed in on the way home. During this time, I administered high-dose CBD oil to her (because we were in Colorado at the time it was available over the counter at a dispensary), as she was not eating or drinking water for a few days. I believe that it was the CBD oil that brought Beatrice back to vitality – that is what I saw first-hand. I kept her on fluids and CBD until she was able to eat and drink unassisted. Sometimes, unexpected experience is the best teacher.

If I am serving you on an overnight stay, especially in a more rural area with no 24-hour access to veterinary services, I pack in my vehicle a Pet Emergency First Aid Kit. In the case of an emergency I will do everything in my power to maintain the health and vitality of your pet.


You can view my portfolio of grooming and sitting clients, as well as client reviews, at my page. You can also book me through that website. If you are a new client, you can use my coupon code LOVEISFREE20 to receive 20% off your first booking.


Long Island, New York, the Tri-State area, The Northeast United States, Great Lakes, Eastern Seaboard, Midwest, and beyond.

I am based in mid-Suffolk County, New York, but am willing and able to travel as far as needed, with travel compensation based on the Federal Mileage Rate (54.5 cents per mile), and if the trip is longer than 8 hours, accommodations for myself and my dog as we travel to and from your location. I’ve served clients as far West as Denver, Colorado. Just contact me – if we’re a match, we’ll make it work.


My fees and base rates are listed on my Booking Page.

I am more than happy to offer other domestic services while serving your family, including cleaning, laundry, yard maintenance, and other requests – just ask.